Article Submission Sites

Article submission is one of the best off-page activities in SEO, it is the best process of publishing your article on a third-party website, creating high-quality backlinks to your blog or website for the promotion of targeted keywords in search engines. Article Submission is the best off-page activities in search engine optimization. Even after the latest search engine optimization updates, article submission is an excellent off-page search engine optimization trick to accomplish quality backlinks to your website or blog. Do-follow article submission sites list can increase the value of domain authority and improve traffic of webpages. Article submission is also an activity of content marketing, through which you can promote articles or contents related to your business on quality article submission sites.

Article submission can also be said to be part of content marketing and a submission process through which you write articles related to your business, and then you can add them to the renowned article submission sites. Usually, in article submission, people write articles that are connected to the online product.

Article Submission Sites List

Advantages of Article Submission Sites

In today’s time, companies use numerous techniques to extend the website’s popularity and grow organic traffic. There are lots of primary techniques are being used by marketers or advertisers are emails, SEO, social media marketing, etc. Techniques used depend upon the audience that the company or organization want to attract traffic and sales. In any of the methods you submit contents at different websites, content is that the most vital a part of marketing for article sites. As, without strong content, it is impossible to attract people’s attention. Therefore enhancing the blog quality is important, and free article submission sites help to try to help to do that.

Benefits of Article Submission Sites:

1. Free Internet Marketing: Most of the article submission websites enable you to feature links that are directed blog within the article content. This way, you will be ready to promote your products and businesses with free marketing media. Plus, it might also assist you get more quality and authoritative links to your blogs.

2. Increase Website Traffic: The links you add within the author bio box help boost your website’s traffic. When the article gets approved by the website owner, you will get high-quality conversion traffic to your blog. For getting more customers and viewers, you will share or repost the content on various social media sites.

3. Increases your business credibility: Article submission sites also offer you and choice to describe yourself and your business through the author bio box at rock bottom end of the body of the article. You will put the keywords detailed description for advertising your products. During this box, you will also add a link back to your blog or website page.

4. Generate leads and sales: With the assistance of article submission sites, you would generate sales quickly and results in your blog and website both.

Thus, if you submit your article or blog on a third-party website and add an author bio with an external link to your website, it helps increase the domain authority. This is able to benefit you because it lets people realize your business.

How does Article Submission work?

When you post your quality articles to article directories, remember that you simply should follow all the website’s terms and conditions. There are a couple of things that you simply should restrict mind at the time of submitting your content to them, such as:
• Use high-resolution graphics or images within the post.
• Follow the website’s policies.
• Place a couple of backlinks within the post.
• Post unique and new content.
• Select the right category and tags.
• Write SEO-Friendly page title and outline.

Steps to Require After Submission and Approval of Article

As mentioned above, the registration process of submitting a piece of writing is sort of simple but don’t forget to follow all the rules. Once you get permission from the actual article submission site, you’ll increase your blog’s visibility by taking a couple of additional steps:

1. The newly created backlinks you get from the article submission sites are often wont to program submission sites.
2. You will message or contact the newly created backlinks to urge them indexed by numerous search engines quickly.
3. Bookmark your backlinks by using different bookmarking sites and existing social media profiles because it streamlines the method of improving the blog’s visibility.
4. it’s been observed that folks prefer visual content quite the written content. Thus, recently, numerous video submission websites launched which assist you convert the content into videos, then you will submit it on the website. These were a number of the many benefits of those websites; hence it’s recommended to follow these steps as they will have a substantial impact on your website’s visibility.

What are Do-Follow Article Submission Sites?

These websites enable program s to follow an external website’s link to slither sort of a search engine moves slowly to an equivalent website where you get the backlinks. Article Submission sites also websites help increase your website/blog’s visibility in various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. There are many free High DA Do-Follow article submission sites that you simply can use and avail yourself of advantages.

What are High DA Article Submission Sites?

These websites have a high value of domain authority given by Moz’s algorithm supported security, traffic, backlinks, trust, age, and domain. They need an excellent impact on search ranking if you will get a couple of backlinks from them. High DA websites are valuable for improving the visibility of your sites on program results pages. Albeit you get one backlink from a high DA article director, it will assist you increase the worth of the domain’s authority and ranking in program result pages.

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